Act up. Sing out. Dance on.

“Marron is wonderful as the Fearless McGowan”


Marron, Lake and Tierney steal the show as the flapper con gals.


“Marron shines in Kate’s “There’s a Fine, Fine Line.” Marron’s sweet vocals, precise movement, and tender delivery caused a lump in the throat of this reviewer who has oft heard this torch song.”


“Ultra-fit Catie Marron wows by singing a number full out while speed-jumping rope as jailed fitness queen Brooke Wyndham.”

—San Diego Union Tribune

“vocally powerful and wonderfully expressive Catie Marron”

— Times of San Diego


Performance Demo - Click Below


I can say I’ve always been a ham. I was given my first accolades as a mere toddler when I was awarded the “Most Dramatic” award at my pre-school graduation. It is my strong suspicion that this was the first year they had given out the award. In spite of my parents worries of an impending behavior problem, they allowed me to explore my creativity. 

To this day, I have yet to stop exploring. Being consistently curious and always ready with new questions. This has led me to many personal successes in life. From playing a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz at 8 years old, to graduating with a B.A. from the Ray Bolger School of Musical Theatre at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. 

A strong triple threat, I enjoy all aspects of the creative process. From writing, to rehearsing, to performance, each step is important to me. I grow from experience and will never stop learning. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. You are appreciated!
— Catie